Audacity Fitness Blog

I created this website to provide easy access to amazing recipes, workouts, and knowledge about nutrition in a positive way, while simultaneously promoting incredible, but lesser known or nontraditional Boston area fitness classes.

The blog includes healthy, nourishing recipes such as Mediterranean Deviled Eggs, 5 Minute Hummus, Protein Packed Pumpkin Gnocchiand Best Ever Banana Bread.


Photo by Julie Rub

I also include workout plans and articles on fitness trends including this piece covering exercise and brain chemistry. My readers are fitness-minded and adventure-driven.


Take Steps for Kids

The Take Steps for Kids 5K/ 1 Mile is the largest student-run 5K in the United States. The recruitment and PR campaign was audience focused and consisted of videos, flyers, and social media and online marketing.


The website served as a way for the greater St. Louis area population to learn about the race and Big Brothers Big Sisters, as well as a way to register to run.



Videos and flyers were our most successful way or recruiting runners.